Can my project be a collaborative effort?

Yes, projects may be presented by a team of people.



How many award recipients will be considered and what’s the total amount of the award?

There will be only ONE award recipient who will be voted and selected by the diners attending the event. The total award will be between $1000 and $3000 depending on the amount contributed by the diners at the event. A significant portion of the amount collected for dinner admission will be dedicated to the award recipient. We have to maintain a small portion to cover some costs.



What does “community oriented” mean?

Community is your own interpretation of how your project will impact the people in our community.



What type of art project should I present at FEAST Miami?

Any art form project is acceptable. For example: music, performance, dance, visual art, film, poetry, etc.



What happens after the 5 finalists are selected?

After the 5 finalists names are announced, each finalist must prepare a maximum of 3-minute video presentation to be screened at FEAST Miami’s Dinner. The purpose of the video is to pitch the diners about your project and give you the opportunity at your advantage to do your presentation a head of time. You are allowed to be creative with it, but be very clear about your project. Videos may be created with your own smartphone or any other type of camera. The quality of the video will not be judged during the presentation, but creativity may give you a few extra points.



When is the finalists video due date?

ALL Videos MUST be uploaded onto VIMEO in 720HD maximum resolution and should be DOWNLOADABLE.Upload is due within TWO weeks of the finalists’ announcement. After the deadline, videos will not be accepted and the finalist will be disqualified.



How do I upload my video onto VIMEO?

Follow steps here:  You might have to create an account on Vimeo if you don't have one. 



Can I invite my friends to support my project?

Absolutely! But each of your friends will pay the dinner admission cost.



Are finalist paying for the dinner at FEAST Miami?

No. Finalists are invited to the dinner complimentary.